Heating system:

Various types provided
Depending on :

Structural type

Type of culture

Cooling system:

cooling fan and cooling pad system

Electrical and lighting system:

This type of system is very important in the greenhouse due to the high humidity in the hall.
Automatic and semi automatic provided.

Irrigation systems

In Irrigation systems that implemented by the golbarg company
The main parts of the system is outside in the special pump room.
This method has many benefits
1. excellent use of the space inside the greenhouse
2. prevent from sunlight reaching the breakdown of nutrients and fertilizers
3. Avoid contamination of water tanks with algae.

Shading system:

Interior system to reduce the temperature and sunlight in summer
With automatically runs regular.

Fogging systems:

Used to increase humidity.
Automatic and intelligent .

Co2 Production System:

Increase of co2 in production and efficiency of agricultural products is affected by as much as 45%.
The system works in automatic machines.

Water rear systems:

reduction of EC,ph,… mitigation salinity
It can be difficult using a variety of devices to reduce salinity
but desalination of water for crops in greenhouses became accepted.